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mathack.2 3.1
· Скриншот 02.04.2014, 16:30

Чит для Counter-Strike 1.6: "mathack.2 3.1"

Цитата --- About Cheat ---

coolrider64n For making the mathack.2
VALVe For enabling the ignorez function in the VMT.


Initial Release

Added weapons showing through walls.
Added colored weapons, and what could be teamcolored weapons. //To use the colored weapons, go to Models->ColoredModels and open the folder you wish to use. Copy the contents to Materials/Models.
Added crit.vmt
Fixed gibs not being colored and not having the nofog function.

Made pyro's flamethrower appear to be more solid when colored.
Made medic's needlegun appear to be more solid when colored.

Added navyblue and bloodred for the team-colored weapons.
Fixed the orange texture showing up black.

Fixed teleporter not showing up as colored and through the wall.
Removed some useless vmts from buildables/teleporter.

Reduced some FPS loss issues with the player models using redundent textures.
Added option to color syringes.
Added class-based items support.
Colored models and ClassItems is now in folder Materials->WeaponOptions.
Replaced navyblue and blooodred with pink and turquoise.

Fixed hvyweapon materials not being migrated to the new system of materials.

Fixed shotgun showing up invisible, and checkered.
Fixed knife showing up invisible, and checkered.
Fixed grenadelauncher showing up invisible, and checkered.
Added option to color pipebombs.
Added option to color stickybombs.

Reduced material redudency for buildables.
Fixed intel showing up as colored, but looking like it was the orignal pattern of color.
Fixed intel color jitter.
Fixed red teleporter arrow.
Fixed some console error spam.

Fixed sentry range drawing a sphere, instead of the indicated range.

Added heavy achievement materials.

Added world weapons hack to add team coloring to default weapons. WeaponsOptions->ColoredWeapons->DefaultColoredWeapons.
Fixed pistol not showing up as wallhacked due to a typo in the folder naming.
Fixed rocket showing up translucent, instead of solid.

Removed w_minigun.mdl, as it was useless and consuming too much FPS.
Added Effects->achieved.vmt removal. (I couldn't find out where the shooting stars are)
Removed double ignorez/nofog on red intel.
Fixed WeaponOptions->ColoredWeapons->DefaultColoredWeapons->materials having the wrong root directory.
Added a less redundant way to remove the sniperscope.

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